We always want to be open and upfront with our customers, so it's important to us that everyone understands these policies are being put in place to ensure that your dog is getting the time outside they need, when they need it and that our walkers/caretakers are getting fair compensation for their time.

1. All walks for the week must be scheduled by Sunday evening, 11pm at the latest. All walks must be scheduled through ilana via text.

2. Any walks scheduled after the 11pm Sunday cuttoff, we consider to be unscheduled walks. An unscheduled walk has an additional $5 fee, bringing the rate up to $20 for that particular walk(s). Walks are $20 if consistently scheduled 3 or more days per week. Walks are $25 if scheduled 2 or less days per week, consistently.

3. Weekend and Evening walks are $25. They need to be scheduled before the 11pm cuttoff on Sunday just like regular walks.

4. Holiday walks are $30.

5. Walking Cancelations: 
If you need to cancel a walk, we ask that you do it no later than Monday at 11pm. Any cancellations past that have a $10 fee. If cancellation occurs on day of walk, the full price will still be charged.
Late cancellations are financially damaging to our walkers. When our walkers get last minute cancellations, the time they set aside to walk your dog often can't be filled with a different walk. That lost time is lost income for them. If you cancel ahead of time it gives us a chance to schedule our walkers with different walks or daycare duty. 

6. All payments MUST be left in SEALED envelopes on Friday (or the last day of walks for your dog) each week. Please write your dogs name on the envelope. We can provide envelopes if you need them. 

7. All walks are scheduled with a two hour window. (i.e - i need walks between 1pm-3pm, i need walks 11am-1pm). While our walkers try their hardest to accommodate everyone's scheduling needs to a T, it is difficult to come at an exact time.

8. Daycare must be scheduled via text each Sunday. The same conditions to cancellations apply to daycare as they do to walks. If cancellations are made the day of daycare, the full price will be charged. 

1. Only small group walks. No more than 2-3 dogs per walk. 

-All Dogs must have a tight fitting HARNESS or Easy Walk Lead. No Loose harnesses. No flat-buckle collars (These are for tags only). 
-No Retractable leashes.  (These are not safe for dog walking). Rope leashes only.

3We ask for a 2 hour time window for all scheduled walks these days (except for puppies under 5 months)

4. We can usually accommodate same day requests!

General Dog Policies
1. Your dog must be fixed if they are over 7 months old.

2. Your dog MUST have all of the NYC state regulated vaccines (Parvo, Rabies, Bordatella, etc)

3. We do not, under any circumstances, accept any dogs with any kind of aggressive issues with people or other dogs for boarding, daycare, or walks. This is for both the safety of our employees, us and our other dogs. When meeting with us, you need to be very clear about any behavioral or medical issues your dog has. 

4. Keys are marked with your dogs name only and 2 sets MUST be provided at the Client Consultation Meeting. Keys can only be handed back to the owners and can not be left on in a hiding place or inside a house when being requested for drop off.  In the rare case that a key is lost, we can not be held responsible financially for any lost keys or replacements of locks. 

Dogs must be dropped off/picked up before 10:30am or after 7:30pm during the work week. 
Any pick-up after noon is an additional $60 (or $85 in the case of a holiday. or if there are two sibling dogs)
On Sundays, dogs must be picked up before 9:30am. Any pickup between 9:30am-12noon is an additional $25. Any pick up after noon on ANY DAY is an additional $50 (or in the case of a holiday $75).

We offer deep discounts to any client that recommends us to their friends. When your friend books with us, we will give you a week of walks for free or 2 nights of boarding for free.